UBB2020 – A new community for all things broadband

In partnership with Light Reading we have launched of a new online community, UBB2020 (www.ubb2020.com), which will track and analyse developments in the global ultra-broadband (UBB) technology and services sector.

Building on the combined 30 years of broadband industry insight that Light Reading and the Broadband World Forum team can boast, UBB2020 will provide insightful and intelligent multimedia coverage of the global broadband market on a daily basis.

This new community will also examine the challenges and opportunities associated with the funding, planning, deployment and operation of next-generation, high-speed broadband networks and the impact that the services running over those networks is having on consumers, businesses, cities, regions and national economies.

UBB2020 Site Editor Elliot Richards will lead the editorial coverage with support from Light Reading’s Editor-in-Chief Ray Le Maistre and News Editor Iain Morris.

“The Broadband World Forum provides an annual focus point for the global ultra-broadband market and now, with the launch of UBB2020, we have year-round coverage of the key topics explored at that leading annual event,” noted Le Maistre. “And there’s a great deal to discuss, analyze and understand as network operators seek to build the networks and develop the services that will cater to the needs of an always-connected, video-hungry, cloud-oriented user base. Next-gen fixed broadband will play an essential role in supporting cloud, video and 4G/5G mobile broadband services, so there’s never been a better time to launch a dedicated community focused on this market,” added Le Maistre.

The experienced editorial team will engage with key executives who are enabling and driving the UBB revolution; publish contributed blogs from experienced industry people; run live online radio shows and webinars; seek input and opinion from the industry through the community’s message boards and weekly polls; and publish their own written, video and multimedia blogs to reflect the major changes underway in the UBB industry and stimulate important debate.

Head on over to the site today, sign up for free, and share your opinion on:

We look forward to seeing you there!


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