Is BRAVO going to be a disruptive platform with its UCoE concept?

Claudio Zammarchi, Strategy Director and Caterina Basso, Head of Marketing, at SELTA S.p.A. joined us ahead of next week’s Broadband World Forum.

What new products will you be showcasing at BBWF?

Our star of the show at BBWF will be BRAVO, a new disruptive and unique solution being presented for the first time. BRAVO is a future-proof UCoE (Unified Communications of Everything) solution managing all network devices in a single multi-tenant platform. The UCoE provides UCC + IoT services with a central management core and a dedicated cybersecurity layer.

This platform anticipates a vision of the future where the number of network devices will be bigger and the customer will need, in a simple but effective manner, to manage them getting advanced services. This is what BRAVO transforms into reality.

In terms of broadband network solutions, we will showcase SAMBHA G.Fast FTTdp (Fiber To The Distribution Point), which is designed to extend a connection in the last 100 meters with a standard two-wire copper link. An optical fiber can bring a GBE/GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network) channel, typically at a 2.5 Gbit/s rate, while the signal is split on a cluster of links to the end users at a maximum 1 Gbit/s speed.

Our G.Fast system can connect 8/16 users and, thanks to its compact form factor, low power requirements, and multiple power sources (supply through the communication line – reverse powering) can support different deployment scenarios while maintaining the highest fiber-like user experience.

Which market demands were the biggest drivers of your company’s growth during the past three years?

The biggest market demand driving our product portfolio and business growth has been related mainly to service providers and enterprise networks and applications. In both cases the need has been to serve an increasing number of users providing highly innovative and high quality services. This will be also the trend over the next few years. One of our strengths is the long and successful experience in developing hardware and software network solutions

In the business communications market, we are addressing the organization’s need to be able to manage all the devices connected to the network. BRAVO is the newest solution being presented for the first time in London, and was developed on the UCoE concept. BRAVO manages all net devices providing both IoT and UCC services to customers with cloud or on-premise platform deployments, and is a multi-tenant solution based on virtualization technologies.

In the fixed-networks access area, we have developed a complete product line of xDSL and GPON solutions in order to help service providers to enhance networks capability while protecting investments. We have continued our transformation and optimization, and today are a 360° trusted partner.

What new trends do you anticipate and what market demands do you see evolving over the next five years?

We think that cloud, IoT, SDN, and NFV are today’s buzzwords representing new trends and priorities for the next five years, all because of their strong advantages

Our BRAVO product for example is a really disruptive solution. It anticipates market trends being able to manage all types of devices centrally from a single multi-tenant platform. It takes advantage from NFV architecture which is one of our product development priorities within the SAMBHA family. The SAMBHA product line is going to integrate NFV functionalities to be able to set-up vLAN and multi-operator profiles using an NFV paradigm.

Which solutions do you think will get the most attention this year?

Cloud, IoT, Next Generation Network, and Virtualization.

Why are you exhibiting at Broadband World Forum?

We think BBWF is one of the most important exhibitions for ultra broadband technologies and vertical applications at a worldwide level. We are there to confirm a leading presence in this market and, this year, to present for the first time our new and disruptive solution BRAVO for UcoE, covering UCC and IoT organization’s needs.

We expect to meet potential customers and partners, and to get a lot of attention on BRAVO which will come out with high-level professional services and a new go-to-market model with a strong focus on distribution at a worldwide level.

SELTA S.p.A. will be exhibiting at next week’s Broadband World Forum at London’s ExCel Convention Centre. Come join us, there are limited free passes available, register now to avoid disappointment.


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