Why DNS is at the heart of digital transformation


Ahead of his keynote we managed to catch some time with Brian Metzger, Vice President of Global Marketing, Nominum, to catch up on what Nominum will be showcasing.

What new products or services will you be showing at BBWF?

Nominum will be showcasing its N2 platform and application suite; our DNS-based suite of products that are used by leading communications service providers (CSPs) around the globe to enrich the digital lifestyle of their subscribers.

Digital transformation requires an “all-IP” network infrastructure, which in turn requires DNS. This is why DNS technology is at the heart of digital transformation.

The Nominum N2 application suite was purpose-built to provide CSPs with an extensible, DNS-based platform to deliver personalized, subscriber-first services and accelerate their digital transformation initiatives in a reliable, cost-effective manner.

The N2 suite provides “closed loops,” through which subscribers gain important provider-to-subscriber communications and digital experience management capabilities, empowering them to take charge of their digital lifestyle.

More than 100 leading service providers in over 40 countries trust Nominum to provide:

  • World-class internet network performance that is fast and reliable (Vantio CacheServe)
  • A secure internet network that is always available, never compromised (N2 ThreatAvert)
  • Network-based internet safety solutions that protect subscribers and give them control over unwanted content (N2 Engage)
  • Personalized in-browser notifications that build trust with subscribers, alert them about important account information and give them options for enhancing their services (N2 Reach)

Specifically, Nominum will be demonstrating the N2 Engage Personal Internet solution, which gives subscribers control over what online content they, and their children, see—with customizable policies that can be set for each family member on a per-device basis. Our N2 Engage demo will showcase the powerful “digital parenting” capabilities available to subscribers and the ease-of-use for this network-based solution.

Which customer or market demands were the biggest drivers of your company’s growth during the past three years?

The increasingly digital lifestyle of subscribers and the resulting dramatic growth of time spent online are the biggest market forces driving of our product innovation and business growth. The demand for personalized digital services has prompted CSPs to transform themselves to compete against OTT players and other webscale internet companies.

Built with our industry-leading DNS technology, the N2 platform and application suite are unique in their ability to enhance the online experience through personalized services that put subscribers in control—supporting and enriching their digital lifestyle.

What new trends do you anticipate and what market demands do you see evolving/changing over the next five years?

The incredible increase in demand for online connectivity, fueled by the mobile internet boom, has created an overwhelming challenge for CSPs, resulting in a market situation we call the “digital transformation paradox.”

While the digital economy has flourished on the back of their networks, CSPs have been forced to keep pace by investing significant amounts of money in infrastructure. Such financial burdens have made it nearly impossible to commit innovation and development resources to creating higher-value digital services to thwart competition from over-the-top (OTT) players.

Herein lies the paradox: CSPs created the very infrastructure that enabled a thriving digital economy, but, through no fault of their own, have not reaped their fair share of the rewards. They are now turning the tide and moving up the digital transformation curve—a representation of the key steps to achieve digital transformation.

With the supporting infrastructure in place, and capacity and cost efficiencies paying off, CSPs are ready to take part in the digital transformation imperative: this means gaining a holistic view of the subscriber in order to deliver the personalized services they demand.

The number one challenge CSPs must overcome to achieve an integrated customer view is to cost-effectively unify cross-organizational functions necessary for digital transformation. Delivering these personalized services in a cost-effective, scalable and reliable way, while bound by legacy systems, is no easy task.

The fastest, most cost-effective means to successfully end the paradox is to look for greater simplicity by finding the lowest common denominator to unify the systems, functions and people CSPs need to deliver an exceptional and personalized subscriber experience. The answer is found in an asset that already exists in every CSP network today. The answer is DNS: the fundamental building block of the internet.

With 5G on the horizon, CSPs will be faced with aggregating all of their access networks onto a common IP core in order to meet the demand from subscribers for a seamless internet experience—anytime, anywhere, from any device. DNS will play a crucial role in this transition, as DNS is the key element of an “all-IP” infrastructure.

Another important trend that is already taking shape is the increasing security requirements of IoT, as more IoT devices become available and consumer usage continues to grow. The answer to protecting and securing these devices begins at the network level where DNS is playing an instrumental role in helping to secure this burgeoning new market space.

DNS serves as an early warning system for emerging threats and offers CSPs the ability to take preemptive measures to keep the network, connected subscribers and their devices protected and secure.

Which topic areas do you think will get the most attention this year?

Without a doubt, we believe that digital transformation will be a key focal area this year—it is representative of the ongoing shift that is taking place in every market and industry around the world as the consumer lifestyle becomes more and more digital.

As CSPs accelerate their digital transformation initiatives, one of their priorities will be to acquire the technologies and services that support their efforts to secure their networks, provide greater subscriber cyber protections and offer more effective, personalized communications.

Why are you exhibiting and what connections do you hope to make there?

Broadband World Forum is one of the most highly attended and influential events in the service provider industry. We are participating in this event to showcase the capabilities of our DNS-powered solutions and to demonstrate their powerful capabilities to enrich the subscriber digital lifestyle.

Ultimately, we want to connect with CSPs to better understand the challenges they face as they undergo digital transformation. We want to share ideas with them about how they can overcome these challenges and achieve their goals.

Brian Metzger will be speaking on Ending the Digital Transformation Paradox at this month’s Broadband World Forum, 18-20 October at London’s ExCel Convention Centre. There are a limited number of free visitor passes available so get yours today to avoid disappointment!


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