Exhibitor Profile: ABOX42

With eight years of expertise and over 30 deployed operator projects worldwide, ABOX42 has established itself as a leading provider of smart STB solutions for TV services and smart home subscription services in the operator market.

Matthias Greve, CEO & Founder of ABOX42 sat down and answered a few questions for us.

Q: Hi Matthias, in your opinion, what are the main challenges and opportunities of the smart home business from the perspective of an operator and ISP?

A: For an operator smart home is a new business segment with great opportunities to increase revenues and to reduce churn. A Smart Home Service can be offered in addition to the core Telecommunication services internet, mobile, telephony and TV.

We are looking into the Smart Home segment for quite a while already. As the products and services available have matured, now is the right time for operators to consider adding Smart Home services to their portfolio. The discussion today is not so much about a technology anymore – since for end-users technology does not matter, they are looking for a complete service. That’s why we are rather talking about a service driven approach which makes it easy for operators to launch a Smart Home service of their own.

Obviously we see a great opportunity in the smart home segment for any kind of operator. Operators are able to include the essential smart home technologies into our new M30 and M50 Set Top Box platforms to have them “smart home ready”. Also stand-alone gateways will be part of the ABOX42.IO smart home product-line.

And how does it relate to your daily business?

From ABOX42 perspective we consider smart home as the next big thing for end-user homes and therefore are carefully looking into this new market.

As a first step we launch a set of new Smart STB platforms – which we introduced recently at IBC 2016 – which already have all the right technologies built-in to work as a home gateway. The home gateway will play a central role for all kind of smart home services, that’s why it’s the logical next step for us.

When talking to our customers, we feel that it’s the right timing for an introduction of smart home enabled products, since many operators are looking for additional revenue opportunities and ways to reduce churn.

What is your strategic and technical solution for the new smart home market? Where do you see the greatest challenges and opportunities for the STB Market?

Looking at the TV business, things are pretty straight forward. An operator needs to take the decision as to what extent he wants to invest in infrastructure, hardware, set up and maintenance of a TV solution. For both models “make or buy” there are market proven solutions. Even for operators with no expertise in managing complex projects there are modern and very comprehensive total TV solutions which can be deployed within no time, with low investments and little in-house resources.

When it comes to the first screen TV experience, a modern smart STB solution with a managed lifecycle is key for any operator TV service – that’s what ABOX42 offers with its M-series and Z-series STB lines, the compelling software stack, total lifecycle management solution and additional services to operators world-wide.

Talking about the smart home business, things are still quite different – yes there are a couple of standards, but it is hard for an operator today, to get a compelling end-to-end solution with home gateway, sensors and a managed service, all ready to sell. This is a great opportunity to combine all essential parts from our product and solution experience to provide an end-to-end smart home solution, which can be launched by operators hassle-free and without any knowhow.

Can you outline your recent technical innovations for new operator requirements?

ABOX42 is constantly driving innovation, both on the hardware, software and service side. Requirements are quite different and very much depend on the region, infrastructure and target service, so we provide a portfolio of products that cover this; from emerging markets for cost optimized devices to mature markets which look for the latest technologies like 4K UHD.

ABOX42 is perfectly prepared for that and puts the focus on a compelling solution with a managed lifecycle.

How has the year been for you so far?

We had a very successful year and see that our strategy in the competitive STB landscape is finally paying off. The challenge for operators with modern IPTV, OTT and hybrid TV projects requires a modern, mature and future proof platform which supports the latest technologies. In turn this is required for a compelling and feature rich first screen TV experience.

Thank you Matthias!

ABOX42 will be exhibiting at Broadband World Forum, 18-20 October at London’s ExCel Convention Centre. Visit them and explore the latest generation ABOX42 Set Top Box platforms, the latest innovations of ABOX42’s Software platform (SDK) and ABOX42’s Total Lifecycle Management solution. It will also be introducing the new ABOX42 M30 and M50 Set Top Box product line with built-in Smart Home Gateway functionality, enabling operators to launch new “in-home” service models.

Limited numbers of free passes are still available so get yours today!


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