Re-Architecting your Central Office – a CORD Webinar

CORD (Central Office Re-architected as a Datacenter) combines NFV, SDN, and the elasticity of commodity clouds to bring datacentre economics and cloud agility to the Telco Central Office. CORD lets the operator manage their Central Offices using declarative modeling languages for agile, real time configuration of new customer services. Major service providers like AT&T, SK Telecom, Verizon, China Unicom and NTT Communications are already supporting CORD.

An open reference implementation of CORD has been built from commodity servers and white box switches, coupled with open source software that includes OpenStack, Docker, ONOS, and XOS. This reference implementation is a general and extensible platform that supports a variety of domains and business units (e.g., residential, enterprise, mobile), but it is also sufficiently complete to support field trials, with a residential trial planned at AT&T.

One unique feature of CORD is that it is built entirely from merchant silicon; it does not depend on proprietary or purpose built hardware to achieve high reliability and performance. This includes I/O blades that implement GPON Media Access Control.

A second is that CORD’s software architecture is general enough to support a wide range of services. This includes both access services (e.g., Fibre to the Home) and scalable cloud services (SaaS); services implemented in the data plane (NFV) and services implemented in the control plane (SDN); trusted operator provided services and untrusted third party services; and bundled legacy services and disaggregated greenfield services.


To learn more, why not register for our free webinar?
An Introduction to CORD™ – Central Office Re-Architected As a Datacentre

During this webinar with and KNect365 you will learn why the transition to virtualized networks needs to happen now, how to make the leap and what the new central office will look like.

Webinar speakers:

  • Larry Peterson, Chief Architect, ON.Lab
  • Ali Al-Shabibi, ON.Lab
  • Tim Skinner, Head of Intelligence,

Date: 12th October, 4pm BST, London (UK).

Click here to register.


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