Power lining the future with Project AirGig

Boring and ugly or simply beautiful? Love them or hate them, power lines could well be the key to furthering the reach of internet connectivity to the furthest corners if AT&T Labs has its way, writes Telecom.com’s Tim Skinner.

By using power lines to boost a wireless signal, the theory that AT&T hopes to prove is that fixed and wireless internet access can be delivered with a combination of existing power line infrastructure and millimetre wave magic. Sounds great in theory, but is it all talk?

Trials are set to begin in the new year, and Light Reading covered the story with some interesting comment from AT&T’s CTO John Donovan. You can read Dan Jones’s full write up here.

The giant telco goes on to say that it reckons it will be able to deliver multi-gigabit speeds with the added benefit of not having to dig up the ground to install fibre.

If proven, could Project AirGig, as it’s called, pave the way to delivering enhanced 4G and next generation 5G services to parts that can’t be reached with conventional means? I really hope so.


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