Pushing the Boundaries of Tech Innovation

Having won 16 FIA Formula One World Championship titles, Williams Martini Racing is a legend in motor sport. It demands talent, focus, and sheer grit and determination too, and not just amongst its own talented race team, but with its partners too.

Having access to real time race data from a busy race weekend means relying on cutting edge communications, which is where BT rises to the occasion. With each car’s 200 sensors sending information on 1,000 different parameters, like tyre pressure and gearbox performance to the team, it can mean the difference of tenths or thousands of a second determining pole position or a race won or lost.

BT manages the network carrying the gigabytes of raw data generated from the track, which is then turned into valuable actionable insights for drivers and engineers. Some subsets of this critical data which once used to take 30 minutes to get back to the engineers in the ops room at Grove [team HQ] during a race, can now be analysed in real time; and bandwidth hungry post-race video analysis previously transferred overnight now takes just minutes, meaning improvements can be made before the next session.

It’s a great example of a partnership between two great companies constantly pushing the boundaries of technical innovation where winning is everything.

Fast Facts:

  • Williams won 16 FIA Formula One World Championships, scoring 114 victories, 306 podiums and 128 pole positions.
  • Each race produces between 60 and 80 GB of raw data.
  • BT’s global network is delivering a 100Mbps connection speed from every test and race venue.
  • Benefits from BT’s technology and innovation is tremendously important to Williams.

Read more here.

BT CEO Gavin Patterson, and Williams Martini Racing CIO Graeme Hackland, will be speaking at Broadband World Forum, October 18-20 2016, at ExCel in London. Book your visitor pass here: https://tmt.knect365.com/bbwf/


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