Rise of the Software-Empowered Video Operator

imageGuest blog post by Verimatrix

Big data has been a buzzword in the video content industry for several years to describe the growing sources of relevant information about quality of service (QoS), customer behavior and network performance available to operators. One of the challenges lies in integrating all this data to deliver meaningful insights to improve the overall experience for subscribers, driving loyalty and combating churn. This falls under the realm of analytics, which in 2015 has become a major focus for pay-TV operators and broadband service providers, as well as broadcasters.

Analytics relies on data from multiple sources including the subscriber or client device, the delivery network, and head-end, as well as key service components such as content security. Some operators have started to collect the data but many have yet to make good use of it. As analyst group Ovum reported in August 2015, 70% of telcos have invested in Big Data analytics but only 20% have so far actually deployed it in their operations, which means that 50% are failing to achieve any benefit, while 30% have yet to make the first move. Over the next few years all broadband and video service providers will have to deploy analytics effectively to remain competitive and this means they must tackle the associated issues that arise.

In Verimatrix’s e-book, the “Rise of the Software-Empowered Video Operator”, they discuss the benefits of an approach to analytics that incorporates security as an intrinsic component of the capability. And how in cooperation with their partners, they plan to address the challenges that arise.

Access our Exclusive Content Area to download “Rise of the Software-Empowered Video Operator” now. Once logged in, you will be able to also access our collection of analyst insights, event presentations and industry whitepapers.



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