See what the Broadband 100 said about the future of their businesses

Are Legacy IT Systems the Biggest Barrier to Telco’s Future Success?

At last year’s Broadband World Forum, we hosted 100 executives from telcos and ISPs to take part in an afternoon of networking, informal discussions and anonymous voting. Led by Simon Torrance, CEO of Metaflight the theme was: How to Grow in the Digital Economy.

The audience was made up of senior representatives from around the world, so I thought it may be interesting to share the results of those votes with you. Perhaps you can relate to their responses, or disagree entirely!

Below are all the results, although quite varied it seems that our audience are in agreement that:

  • Low growth in profits is expected over the next 5 years; 35% of respondents expect no growth or a decline
  • The vision for telcos today is not compelling or clear and need re-energising!
  • IT legacy systems, the fundamental business model, and organizational culture are the biggest barriers to success for telcos in the digital economy

If you are interested in getting involved in this year’s executive summit, or have some feedback to share, get in touch! Feel free to email


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