XL Axiata: “IoT can reduce the clutter of urban life”

Arifa FebriyantiArifa Febriyanti is Head of IoT at XL Axiata. Here she tells Thomas Campbell about regional innovation and the development of IoT.

Thomas Campbell: Hi Arifa. First of all, XL Axiata are host sponsor partner at this year’s Broadband TV Connect Asia (11th-13th April, 2016 Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia). What’s so exciting about this event?

Arifa Febriyanti: XL recently launched its 4G LTE broadband network. This event gives us the opportunity to share our experience and to gain insight from across the industry.

It’s also a chance to meet and share ideas with a unique audience, showcasing the latest technologies, services and applications by involving operators and broadcasters from across the entire Asia Pacific region. This makes it a perfect place to showcase our work in of IoT, too.

Speaking of which, can you give us an overview of how XL Axiata is innovating in the smart city space?

Currently, we are developing applications to provide information to city residents and tourists alike, while supporting regional governments as they seek to gather data from society, and then make that data and related findings available.

We have been collaborating with several government institutions in Indonesia. Our ‘smart city planning program’ is the perfect channel for strengthening our relationship with in every city in Indonesia, and helping them to realize their specific aims.

What are the main benefits IoT can offer to city inhabitants?

The main benefits of our innovations are that they can provide automated, simplified business processes, and real-time, transparent controls.

Jakarta, for example, is a very densely populated city. Urban society desperately needs these kinds of integrated innovations, to reduce the clutter of urban life.

XL has pioneered the roll-out of 4G LTE in many cities in Indonesia. How important is this as a foundation for the future smart city?

4G LTE is one of the most important factors for determining further innovations, as it enables superior data transfer speed and bandwidth in relation to outgoing technologies.

The combination of new IoT technology and first rate connectivity will open up new opportunities for XL to provide better business solutions and develop new products.

What makes Indonesia such a good location for Broadband TV Connect Asia?

The decision to hold this event in Indonesia proves that this country has lots of untapped potential. Indeed, Indonesia can be seen as a model for the transformation of traditional methods of business and government through the implementation of digital technology. Once these transformations have succeeded in Indonesia, other countries can easily follow its path.

This event also gives the opportunity for local Indonesian companies to share ideas, network and form new partnerships with overseas companies. It also gives us all the chance to adapt new technologies, pushing innovation forward.


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