Defining Telcos’ Role in the Internet of Things Value Chain

The Internet of Things is certainly not a new concept. The buzz which surrounds connected cars, connected homes, connected wearables and, well, pretty much connected anything, has been building dramatically over the last few years.

I was just reading a report sent to me by Frost & Sullivan on Investing in Financial Technology & Consumer Digital Technology Companies which had a great section on IoT in relation to the Asia Pacific market.

In this report they estimate that the market size of IoT spending in the Asia-Pacific region was US$24.2 billion in 2015. Little surprise that China is touted to be the largest IoT market in Asia, estimated to reach US$36.8 billion in 2020.  And emerging countries in Southeast Asia such as Indonesia, the Philippines, and Malaysia are poised to experience the fastest growth due to their “relatively lower starting base in IoT spending”.

Given these huge predictions, it’s no surprise that IoT, connected cities and all connected applications are all hot topic for discussion in this year’s Broadband TV Connect Asia.

For all markets in the Broadband World Series, our audience is always keen to understand where their role is in the world of IoT. The big questions for them are how telcos and ISPs can cement their role in this new age and avoid becoming the “dumb pipe” simply shifting huge amounts of data around the network with little or no revenue growth opportunities.

In the report’s “Internet of Things Value Chain” table, telcos are very much seen in the section which depicts connectivity provision, but not so much in the consumer-facing platforms or applications.

The IoT Value Chain

But does this have to be the case? Speakers at the upcoming show (11-13th April, Jakarta) don’t believe so and will be leading discussions on this very topic. Join them at the show to hear insights from:

Beyond Connectivity: Defining Telcos Role in the Era of Internet of Everything
Revie Sylviana, SVP Digital Services, Smartfren

Collaborating with Government Authorities and Third Parties to Build Smart Cities
Arifa Febriyanti, Head of IoT, XL Axiata  

Connected Vehicle: Helping Business for Miracles
Jaka Susanta, VP M2M Business, Telkomsel Indonesia

Telcos’ role in India’s 100 Smart City Programme
Ashwin Jaiswal, Head of IT Business Consulting and Practice, Reliance Communications

Developing a Roadmap to Mass Market Connected Home Adoption and Capitalizing on the Opportunity
Supriyadi, Head of IoT, Smartfren Telecom


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One thought on “Defining Telcos’ Role in the Internet of Things Value Chain

  1. Useful blog and nice question here. But Broadband providers always concentrate to user friendly services. As we are provide unlimited broadband plans with different monthly charges so users can easily select according to their data usage and budget. So telecos’ plays role well in all new internet techniques.

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