10 things you (definitely) don’t want to miss at this year’s Broadband World Forum

100s of Live DemosNext week sees the Broadband World Forum (20-22nd October, Excel) relocate from Amsterdam to London. It’s a massive date in the diary, and a huge event. So, in order to help you find your way and ensure you don’t miss anything absolutely unmissable, we’ve put together a list of ten of the best attractions…

  1. BT G.fast demos

First things first. If you’re at BBWF you definitely don’t want to miss BT’s world first live demonstration of their G.fast technology. G.fast is at the heart of BT’s plans to supercharge the UK’s internet over the coming years, and attendees have the chance to witness the real-time increase in broadband speed delivered over copper lines in free demos.

Where: BT exhibition stand (D12) / When: at set times throughout: see app/event guide for more details

  1. BBWF ‘Product Tours’

Do you have a specific area of interest (or interests) at this year’s Broadband World Forum? If so, the prospect of tracking down all the relevant exhibitors and info could well look rather daunting. Enter the BBWF’s new Product Tours. Each will take you on a tour of all the exhibitors and demonstrations displaying cutting edge developments in a specific field, with separate tours covering the following zeitgeist-defining topics – Virtualization, G.fast, IoT and Network Intelligence. (They’re free, too!)

Where/When: Tours will depart from stand C81 at 11.30 and 14.30 on Day 1 (Tuesday 20th) and Day 2 (Wednesday 21st). Register here.

  1. IoT & Virtualization pavilions

For those exhibition flaneurs, meanwhile, wanting to explore and experience in their own time, this year sees the introduction of the IoT and Virtualization pavilions. Essentially, these are exhibitions-within-the-exhibition, where attendees can be exposed to a wealth of demos, presentations and exhibitors on the specific topics.

Where: Exhibition Floor / When: Throughout

  1. Live technology demonstrations from Broadband Forum  

What’s a Broadband World Forum without cutting edge exhibitions? Members of the Broadband Forum will be carrying out live G.fast and GPON demonstrations throughout the show.

Where: Exhibition Floor / When: Throughout

  1. Keynote: ‘From 88 miles per hour to the Speed of Light,’ Gavin Patterson (CEO, BT)

This year BT joins the Broadband World Forum in the prominent role of host service provider partner, and is well represented throughout the conference with expert speakers covering a host of the industry’s hottest topics. The sure-fire centrepiece of all their conference appearances, however, is BT Group CEO Gavin Patterson’s keynote, ‘From 88 miles per hour to the Speed of Light’.  For Conference Delegates only, this one…

When: Day Two, 11:20 / Where: Keynote Theatre

  1. Keynotes: Insights on the Road to 2025

“The future’s not ours to see,” sang Doris Day, but for operators — they’d be foolish not to try. Well, those  seeking real insight into the next ten years of telecoms could do a lot worse than visiting the Road to 2025 Theatre, delivered in partnership with Ovum, who will be drawing from their various insights from their Road to 2025 research project. Throughout the three days we will also be hearing from some Sckipio, Qualcomm, Virign Media CEO Tom Mockridge and many more on their vision for the future, as they are interviewed by Telecoms.com.

Where: Road to 2025 Theatre / When:  See app/event guide

  1. Panel: ‘Achieving Affordable Broadband Services for Countries Worldwide’

Properly connecting low-income and hard-to-reach areas can bring immense benefits to those connected, but it can present real challenges to those connecting! In this international panel discussion, representatives from the likes of the UN, Alcatel Lucent, and the Federal Broadband Bureau discuss the best policies and practices for extending connectivity around the world.

Where: Access Innovation Zone / When: Day Two, 16:20

  1. Networking Drinks Reception

Drinks, we presume, need no further introduction. Well, the official Exhibition Drinks Reception is a great place to get some. Open to all visitors, make sure you stick around at the end of the first day to continue the networking. Where: Exhibition / When: Tuesday 20th October, 18:00

  1. NFV pocs

NFV is bound to feature in a lot of conversations happening across this year’s Broadband World Forum, and the likes of Networks, Huawei, Alcatel Lucent, Ericsson, Sandvine, Anuta Networks, Overture and Creanord will each be presenting NFV pocs during Day One and Two of this year’s Forum.

Where: NFV PoC stage: Exhibition / When: See app/event guide

  1. Awards

Last but not least is the Broadband World Forum Awards. Perhaps best known for the extremely prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award, this year sees the event take to the seas (well, the Thames), for an extra splash of glamour, with the luxurious Silver Sturgeon River Boat ensuring that it’s a special night for everyone regardless of whether or not they take home an actual gong, taking everyone on a tour of one of the world’s most iconic riverside cityscapes.

When: Day Two, 6.30pm – 11.30pm / Where: Silver Sturgeon River Boat, ExCeL, London


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