Future proofing your network with TWDM-PON

AnaPesovicGuest post from Ana Pesovic, Fixed Networks Marketing, Alcatel-Lucent

Did you know that we can expect to see over 15 million 4K TVs in consumer homes by 2015 and that the number of connected devices will reach 50-100 billion by 2020?

Let’s face it, in today’s fast paced, data driven world, consumers are looking to supersize their broadband needs at home and in the office.  But without the right network or infrastructure in place, this can be harder to achieve than imagined.

Fiber networks deployed by operators worldwide can deliver the speeds required today and in the future.   Spanning a long list of acronyms, operators have several different flavors of fiber technology to choose from ranging from GPON to NG-PON2.  However, TWDM-PON has long been discussed as the technology best suited to meet the evolving needs and broadband requirements of customers.  Providing a multitude of benefits including “pay as you grow” scenarios, wavelength flexibility and co-investment opportunities to name a few, TWDM-PON is subsequently becoming the technology of choice for operators globally.

If you don’t believe it or simply find yourself with more question marks than answers on TWDM-PON then you won’t want to miss this year’s session at BBWF entitled “TWDM-PON: breaking the barriers of a cost-efficient fiber revolution”.

In the session you’ll have an opportunity to hear from operators such as Verizon and Vodafone who will share their perspectives on TWDM-PON, various use-case scenarios, why it’s the right upgrade path and how it can effectively help you better monetize and maximize your fiber infrastructure investments.  You’ll also get to hear from Graham Finnie, chief analyst at Heavy Reading, on the market dynamics driving the need for TWDM along with though-leading perspectives from Alcatel-Lucent on the technology and the implications of other potential upgrade paths such as XGS-PON.

The time for TWDM-PON is now.  Are you and your networks ready?  Come find out and see how you can make TWDM-PON a reality.

Don’t miss  ‘TWDM PON: Breaking the Barriers of Cost-Efficient Fibre’, at the Broadband World Forum (Day Two: Wednesday 21st October 09:40-11:00)


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