BT CEO reveals vision for Britain’s digital future

Gavin Petterson
Gavin Petterson

Broadband World Forum keynote and BT Chief Executive Gavin Patterson today unveiled the UK telco’s ambition to deliver Britain’s digital future.

Patterson committed BT to supporting government in delivering a new universal minimum broadband speed of 5-10Mbps, enough for everyone in the UK to enjoy popular internet services like high definition video.

He also pledged the company would introduce a satellite broadband service for some of the UK’s more remote premises by the end of the year, and announced BT’s desire to go “further and faster” on fibre broadband, making it clear BT would “never say no” to providing faster broadband to communities, promising the company would instead explore innovative funding and technical solutions. He said 90 communities were already benefitting from this approach.

The BT chief executive said the UK would go beyond government’s current 95% target for fibre availability, thanks to “success dividend” clauses in contracts covering rollout co-funded by BT, Whitehall and local councils.

Patterson went beyond his January statement on ultrafast broadband, to say BT’s new services of 300-500Mbps would reach 10m homes and smaller businesses by the end of 2020, and the majority of premises within a decade. A 1Gbps service will be provided for those that want even faster speeds. The connections on offer would be a combination of Fibre-to-the-Premises technology, as well as new technology, which uses existing Fibre-to-the-Cabinet technology.

This year BT joins the Broadband World Forum in the prominent role of host service provider partner. With them they bring a hoard of expert speakers across the industry’s hottest topics, as well as LIVE demonstrations from their pilot studies. With their expertise in DSL acceleration and FTTx upgrades, we are excited to see the considerable value BT are bringing to the programme this year.

Anna Easton, Sustainable Business Director, Broadband World Forum 2015, will be one such expert BT keynote. She’ll be presenting on ‘Erasing the digital divide and creating universal shared value’ (Day 2, Wednesday 21st October). Here’s an exclusive video foretaste where she looks at the need for getting more people online.


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