Mobility and the Future of Broadband

By: Eti Nachum, BlogsRelease CEO

If you’re planning on attending Broadband World Forum (20-22 October, London), one of the largest telecom, media & technology conferences in the world, you will be familiar with the catchall phrase IoT (Internet of Things). Connecting everyday objects to the internet (as we are already seeing with watches and smart homes) will remain a major topic in the broadband technologies for quite some time to come. But what’s the big picture? What motivates the consumer to seek out devices like connected phones, watches, and tablets?

The key word is mobility. And mobility is what should be on the forefront of priorities for broadband developers. Consumers are looking for the convenience and flexibility of smartphones to be duplicated in the other things they own. As we move towards the 2020s, this trend will only grow.

Here are some key insights from this year’s PwC Outlook. By 2019:

  • Internet access revenue will rise significantly above the competition at 8.8% CAGR as more consumer switch from traditional media.
  • Mobile Internet access revenue will dominate the market at 75% in parts of Southeast Asia, Africa, and South America.
  • One in four people will own a tablet.
  • Over half of all mobile phone connections will be smartphone connections.

What does this tell us? It is not necessarily the case that PCs will be obsolete, but it seems that the focus will be on expanding mobile coverage to reflect the changing lifestyle of consumers, as reflected in several fields.

For business, being able to stay connected is more important than ever, with the demand for business-oriented apps growing by the day. Writing on-the-go is also a common occurrence, whether it’s bloggers updating their blogs using the WordPress or Tumblr apps, or journalists publishing reports from the ground. And while Amazon Dash Buttons are making instant orders possible at home, QR code technology is becoming more sophisticated, making it easier than ever to integrate devices and actual purchasing.

The increasing need for connected mobility in our professional and personal lives means that consumer will demand more flexible and expansive broadband services. What are developers doing to answer the call?

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