Why Big Data is a Big Deal for Telcos

Data digital flowBusiness intelligence is nothing new in the Telecoms industry. Operators have historically procured external data for marketing or customer segmentation purposes. But newer angles include exploiting internal historical data assets to improve network efficiency, customer segmentation, and service level agreement improvements. 

You only have to look at this report on 11 interesting Big Data case studies in Telecom to explore the wealth of options for the telco and technology markets in the big data space. Examples include using analytics to: gain marketing agility, combat fraud, accrue real-time customer insight and capitalize on customer behaviour.

Monetising Data

Increasingly, operators are exploring monetization opportunities from internal data assets. There is a real value attached to historical and real time customer usage data and the ability to align that with real time offerings. With demand for analytical intelligence increasing, Telco Big Data is an explosive market.

In monetising anonymised data, operators will have to address the issues of data governance and leadership and determine where data authority should lie in the organisation.

At Broadband World Forum we are delighted have Simon Farr Innovation Director from Global Services, BT among others, who will be discussing the development of a big data monetisation strategy. During this, other global operators will be discussing the key issues of where the balance should lie with security and privacy; working within existing regulatory boundaries for storing, analysing and sharing data across borders and the implications of changing regulations

Real time Analytics

A recent report, “Global Big Data Analytics Market in Telecom Industry 2014-2018,”discovered that the telecom sector’s use of data analytics tools is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 28.28% over the next four years.  A growing number of these are real time tools used by operators to identify opportunities to offer new services. Speakers at BBWF will be addressing the challenges of leveraging location and real-time data and managing real time analytics across the different data sources and parts of the organisation.

Improved Analytics Enable Operators to Monetise Aggregated Data from IoT

The wealth of data managed by operators is growing and the opportunity grows with it. As IoT sensors, social media and payment data is managed by the telecoms companies improving analytics to realise the value of this data is becoming a priority. Smart Cities and other internet of Things Networks increasingly rely on the analytics of usage data and telecoms operators need to move them self into pole position to be providers of this information.

Operators who don’t effectively manage their Big Data and take advantage of the monetisation opportunities will fall behind in their ability to provide relevant business Intelligence, ultimately  resulting in a loss of competitiveness.

Broadband World Forum

Make sure you join us for Big Data Analytics at the Broadband World Forum this year, where operators will determine the optimum strategies to realise tangible revenues from data and real time analytics.

Speakers include:

  • Richard Benjamins, Group Director BI & Big Data, Telefónica
  • Lauri Halkola, Manager – Data Management and Tools, TeliaSonera
  • Francesca Mondello, Senior Project Manager, Strategy and Innovation, Network Innovation & Development, Telecom Italia
  • Mohammad Shazri, Head of Analytics and Computation Lab, Telekom Malaysia
  • Dr Marcin Pietrzyk, Team Leader Big Data, Swisscom
  • Jovanka Adzic, Technical Leader, Telecom Italia
  • Tania Aydenian, Internet of Things Program Director, Orange
  • Jiang Guanghui, Director, Data Center Solution WEU, Huawei
  • Matt McNeill, Head, Google Cloud Platform, UK & Ireland
  • Simon Farr, Innovation Director, Global Services, BT

With thanks to Emil Berthelsen, Principal Analyst, Machina Research for his contribution to this blog


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