Virtualization: The Benefits of Standing Together

okinawaLast week was a big week for telco networks, as operators and vendors from all over the world gathered on the Japanese island of Okinawa for the sixth meeting of the ETSI NFV ISG.

The influence of the ETSI NFV ISG over the last year cannot be underestimated. Borne out of the strength of resolve of a group of operators to realise the benefits of reduced CAPEX and OPEX, achieve dramatically improved time to market for new services, greater network flexibility and better visibility of network resources, Network Functions Virtualization has become a great unifier, and one of the industry’s greatest targets.

The industry, of course, is always moving forward; and yet it is remarkable how quickly the speed of change can increase when operators stand together. In little over a year, the ETSI NFV ISG has already united over 200 companies as members and participants worldwide, all committed to realising the dream of virtualization together.

Thanks to this group, Network Functions Virtualization is now well-known as a concept and fast becoming a tangible, possible reality. To see for yourself, cast an eye over the impressive list of new NFV Proof of Concepts, being developed in accordance with the ETSI NFV ISG PoC framework and all actively demonstrating NFV as a viable technology:

Naturally, only time will tell as to exactly how quickly virtualization is able to gain a foothold within operators’ networks worldwide. Not only does it require a certain level of investment to implement, but operators also need to hold significant faith in new technologies, which are still largely unproven at scale.

At the Broadband World Forum this year, our Virtualization track is the perfect place to bring yourself up to date with the latest on this fast-moving area of the industry, and to discover what lies ahead for the ETSI NFV ISG as it moves towards the completion of phase one and turns towards phase two. You will also find a wide selection of NFV POCs on display from many leading vendors as part of the comprehensive exhibition taking place alongside the event. 

Whether the priority be virtualization in the datacentre, the Evolved Packet Core, multi-later transport or something else, the advantages of virtualization are definitely worthwhile. Thanks to the ETSI NFV ISG operators, now that the doorway is open, there is certainly no going back…

– Georgina Wilczek, Conference Manager, Broadband World Forum 2014



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