Fabricio Bindi, Marketing Director, GVT, Brazil

Interview: Marketing Director, GVT, Brazil: “Reliability and quality are the major factor in broadband services.”

Fabricio Bindi, Marketing Director, GVT, Brazil
Fabricio Bindi, Marketing Director, GVT, Brazil

Fabricio Bindi, Marketing Director, GVT, Brazil is speaking in the Customer Experience Track on Day 2 of the Broadband LATAM conference, taking place on 3rd– 4th June 2014 at the Amcham Convention Center, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Ahead of the event we speak to him about the latest trends in Brazilian broadband and how GVT is contributing to its development.

Are you excited at the prospect of new services such as Netflix 4K driving the uptake of faster services?

Undoubtedly new services, especially demanding ones such as VoD and ultra-high resolution videos will drive market offering over time. Actually, this is already happening and GVT was recently noted by Netflix as the fastest Brazilian telecom operator for its content. This is due to GVT having a modern and reliable network. We have an average speedy of 13.7Mbps, compared to the Brazilian average of 2.7Mbps.  Players like Netflix are advertising this kind of benchmark because they are interested in educating client about broadband. If the client knows the best network for which to use an OTT service, they will buy from this operator and customers will get a better experience.

To what extent are major upcoming sporting events in Brazil such as the World Cup being used to encourage Internet uptake?

Brazil already a high internet penetration usage among its population and I don´t think a single event like the World Cup will drive demand significantly. However, I do believe this is an opportunity to present new possibilities regarding the overall internet experience. For instance, watching a soccer game still is more of a TV experience than an Internet experience for most Brazilians. This World Cup should consolidate convergence. Experiences as second screen, searching the web for replays or highlights of games that you missed, sharing content in social media and others should be maximized as never before. For sure, these experiences may change sports content consumption over time.

Is price or speed the major factor in uptake of broadband services?

I think both are important, but neither is the major factor. Clients demand higher speeds each year for decreasing prices. Broadband access is increasing in importance for everyone, becoming almost a basic need. The direct implication, in my opinion, is that reliability and quality are the major factor in broadband services. A client may buy broadband from a specific operator due to its price or speed, but will only be loyal to this operator if it delivers what it promises. This is GVT´s differentiation. We were elected for the fifth time the best broadband in Brazil for the magazine INFO, the most recognized tech magazine in our country.

Fiber offers a major jump from xDSL services. What will your marketing strategy be?

For sure fibre presents new possibilities for our services and our clients’ overall experience. We are delivering FTTH to our corporate clients in our entire footprint and to residential clients in some regions. In fact, an increasing share of our investments is focused on GPON. It´s important to say that GVT has a modern xDSL network, with most of our clients near our fibre network nodes, which implicates that we can delivery xDSL access at higher speeds. We can provide 50+Mbps speed for the great majority of our actual clients even without FTTH access – a very different competitive situation when we look to our competitors, which sometimes struggles to deliver a 10Mbps broadband connection.

What part does Wi-Fi play in your strategy?

Since Wi-Fi is a major trend in broadband utilization by our clients, we are working to evolve our Wi-Fi service inside and outside our client´s home. Today 80 per cent of our clients consume their broadband using Wi-Fi (less than 20 per cent are using cable connections). Furthermore, the number of connected devices is increasing a lot. We believe that we have an average of four to five devices per client. I can´t go in deeper details, but we are very concerned in increasing the perception of quality and delivery of our Wi-Fi services.

How do you feel you can differentiate yourself from your competitors?

We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by offering higher speed internet access with superior quality at competitive prices. GVT is always leading new broadband technology and innovations in Brazilian market and we will speed up in that direction further more. This is the perception of tech experts. (As I said, we were elected for the fifth time the ‘Best broadband in Brazil’ by the magazine INFO).

What are you most looking forward to with regard to the Broadband LATAM conference?

I hope to contribute to this important event that is dedicated to the Internet, and also to seize business opportunities. It will also be important to watch for market and tech trends that can influence the Internet.


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