Warren Chaisatien is Head of TV Marketing, Australia and New Zealand, Ericsson

Award-winning LTE Broadcast offers new video proposition to sports stadium fans

Warren Chaisatien is Head of TV Marketing, Australia and New Zealand, Ericsson
Warren Chaisatien is Head of TV Marketing, Australia and New Zealand, Ericsson

Australia’s T20 international cricket match at the Melbourne Cricket Ground in January proved a pivotal point for the broadcast industry, as a small group of spectators was given the chance to take part in the world’s first live stadium trial of LTE Broadcast.

This highly significant trial was conducted using LTE Broadcast-enabled smartphones and powered by our LTE Broadcast solution, which was recently recognised at the Telecoms.com Industry awards for ‘Pushing the Limits in mobile technology as well asthe TV Connect Award in the ’Best TV on the Move Service’ category.’

Enhancing the live match video experience

Broadband and multimedia services are developing into a vital part of the live event experience. Innovative, interactive new mobile video services are fast becoming a consumer expectation and offerings such

as live coverage from different angles, highlights and in-play statistics are adding huge value to the live match experience.

Over the last few years, we have seen a number of crucial tipping points in terms of video delivery innovation and now we have reached another where mobile broadband is the key. Delivery of video content over wireless networks is the new industry catalyst for change.

LTE Broadcast a cost-effective business solution

Our November 2013 Mobility Report projects that global mobile data traffic will grow 10 times by the end of 2019, by which point video will account for more than half of that traffic. This will lead to significant demands on network capacity. However, it also offers huge potential to deliver premium content to subscribers anytime, anywhere. The key, therefore, is to manage traffic growth.

By broadcasting a single stream, LTE Broadcast allows an unlimited number of enabled users in the broadcast areas to receive popular content, ensuring a high-quality user experience and the most efficient use of spectrum. It’s a very simple technology to deploy and provides a highly cost-effective solution compared to that of unicast.

LTE technology is able to handle major spikes in mobile usage by delivering video streams to hundreds of users in a cell, utilising almost the same bandwidth as a single user with the same video quality. In environments such as the Melbourne Cricket Ground, as well as other stadiums and public venues where subscriber densities can reach extremely high levels, broadcasting content is the best way to deliver a consistent and reliable user experience.

An assured level of quality not only enables new services to be delivered over mobile networks but also guarantees reduced congestion through it, irrespective of the popularity of the live event. Crucially, this enables operators to make the most of the broadcast spectrum capacity and deliver a truly exceptional video experience.

Viewers will increasingly demand access to consistently, high-quality live streaming to their mobile devices anywhere, anytime and live sporting events are perfect examples of occasions which will precipitate this. LTE Broadcast provides today’s TV operators with the capability and flexibility to maximise their business proposition, through service differentiation, new revenue opportunities and more efficient distribution of live and digital media.

Warren Chaisatien is Head of TV Marketing, Australia and New Zealand, Ericsson, in charge of positioning the company for market technology and thought leadership across the South East Asia and Oceania region. His current focus areas include TV and Media, Mobile Broadband, and OSS/BSS. He is also a Networked Society Evangelist, advancing Ericsson’s vision of a world with 50 billion connected devices.

Warren has more than 15 years of international ICT industry experience in sales and marketing, as well as strategy and consulting, spanning North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. Before joining Ericsson in 2010, he was a multi-award-winning telecom analyst in Canada and Australia, and has written over 100 industry papers. Warren holds a master’s degree in engineering management from Sydney’s University of Technology. 


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