35% is SuperConnected success, says BDUK

‘Step change’ is a pretty wooly term. Is BT committed enough to achieving government and EU targets, when it’s the only player in the BDUK town?


need-for-speed-highresBDUK has pronounced itself happy with the results of its two month pilot of a voucher scheme to increase small business connectivity in cities, even though only 35% of requests for funding led to a quotation.

The original £150m SuperConnected Cities project aimed to set up fibre to the premises (FTTP) networks in 22 cities. Following legal objections from BT and Virgin Media, this was replaced with the voucher scheme. The scheme allows SMEs to apply for grants of up to £3,000 to fund a connection to a broadband service that gives “step change” in the speed received.

The scheme was red-lighted (deemed in imminent danger of failing) in a Cabinet Office report last May.

The £2.25m pilot ran, largely unpublicised, from the start of August to the end of September in Belfast, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Manchester and Salford.

“The supply chain supporting the use of vouchers is either competitive or…

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