CEO TIM Fiber, Brasil: “TIM believes in an unlimited experience”

LIVE_CMYKRogerio Takayanagi is CEO of TIM Fiber, Brasil and is speaking at Broadband Latin America this year as well as having previously spoken at Broadband World Forum in 2012. We caught up with him to talk about the current state of play for TIM Brasil….

There is often criticism that ISPs and governments are not rolling out networks that are fast enough – but we also hear that few customers are interested in paying for higher speeds? Do you see a demand and a need for faster speeds?

“In Brazil, most of the customers with broadband access have a low performing service (over 70 per cent have less then 2Mb/s of bandwidth). In this market, the main players are incumbents that face challenges in offering higher internet speeds because of the length of the copper network and the investment required to upgrade to a Next Generation network.

The desire for speed and the natural demand that follows this has three main reasons. Firstly, the customer navigation profile shows that people want to watch high quality videos. Secondly, today’s customers also require a complete online experience, using multiple devices connected at the same time. Lastly, we have a growing online gaming market, video streaming, cloud computing and social media all presenting a real necessity for higher speeds. As a result, the Brazilian broadband market is growing at a double digit pace with altnets growing mostly thanks to offering higher speed connectivity.”

Where do you stand on bandwidth caps, line throttling and traffic management?

“TIM believes in an unlimited experience. This has been one of the main reasons for our success in the past two years, and now, with our fixed broadband operation, we will stick with this idea of no bandwidth caps.

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Rogerio joins a fantastic speaker line-up at Broadband Latin America this year including representatives from the likes of Telebras, You Tube, Nextel, Entel, SindiTelebrasil, Antel, Telefonica plus many more. Check out our current speaker line-up here – many more to be confirmed over the forthcoming weeks!

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