MaxCell is proud to be envolved in the National Vision 2030 for Qatar.

MaxCell is proud to be envolved in the National Vision 2030 for Qatar.  Mark Dudley, Business Development Manager for the Middle East region explains,

“Aligning MaxCell with Qatar National Broadband Network’s guiding principles and the ability to execute a true no-dig, environmentally sustainable, patented duct capacity asset is exciting for all stakeholders within the project.  We believe that Qnbn will deliver one of the first ubiquitous beacon duct share deployments within the region.”

Providing a foundation for future generations with the latest ICT solutions for economic development, government and society, Qnbn will build an accessible cutting edge fiber optic network that puts high speed broadband within everyone’s reach. By giving open, equal and affordable access to licensed telecommunications operators, Qnbn will be able to offer a choice of providers to end users.

Mr Ahmed Al Sulaiti Chief Technology Officer for Qnbn explains,

“The FTTH, Next Generation Broadband community is well aware of the high cost of duct construction when deploying new fiber.   To enable a best fit within our core principles MaxCell Textile Inner-duct allowed an option that has significant green credentials both tangible and intangible.  For example, reducing installation phases while allowing safe and quick overlay in duct re-use applications while being a low carbon asset supports our innovation and sustainability profile.

The fiber optic network will do much to improve the quality of life for Qatar’s citizens and enhance education services – especially those online. In addition, it will be an engine for growth for businesses and offer truly sustainable solutions that save the earth’s resources and reduce Qatar’s carbon footprint.  

MaxCell deployment has the potential to significantly reduce GHG emissions.  Project applications equate to annual green house gas savings equal to 2,020 passenger vehicles and 12,000 gallons of gasoline.”


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