Canny Couple: Why broadband and cloud go hand in hand

In a short video over at Light Reading Europe, Ray Le Maistre, international managing editor, Light Reading, describes why cloud and broadband are a perfect match at the upcoming BroadBand World Forum.

As Le Maistre explains, the show is no longer just about fixed connections but also takes in new developments such as cloud and cloud services, and how fast access, whether from fixed or next-generation wireless services are a vital component in helping businesses operate around the world.

The Broadband Cloud Summit is a new addition to the Broadband World Forum programme, and provides a unrivalled platform for networking with leaders in the cloud computing space, discussing key issues facing the industry, asking questions of cloud experts and gaining insight into the latest trends and technologies in cloud computing.

With the Broadband World Forum 2012 just over a WEEK AWAY there is still time to register your interest in the show taking place on the 16 – 18 October 2012 at the RAI Exhibition and Convention Centre, Amsterdam.


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