Making lives smarter

One of the major buzz phrases surrounding this year’s Broadband World Forum is ‘Smart Home technology’.

Home monitoring sensors and automation controls that homeowners can access from any web browser, smartphone or tablet are, we are told, an inevitable part of our technological future that we in the networked world will one day all be able to enjoy.

This summer, AT&T has begun trialling its new digital home service in Atlanta and Dallas, starting with security cameras, window/door sensors, smoke, carbon monoxide, motion and glass break detectors, remote door lock controls, remote thermostat access, moisture detection sensors, and remote home appliance controls.

And they are not the only ones, either. In the USA, Verizon launched their own Z-Wave Smart Home pilot in 2011; Time Warner Cable and Comcast have their own home-energy management services in place too. Across the world, many operators from Etisalat in the UAE to NTT in Japan are all turning towards Smart Home services as a natural step forward for the Digital Home industry as a whole.

But is the Smart Home monetisable? Will it really make our lives easier?

At the two-day Broadband Home Summit, part of the Broadband World Forum in Amsterdam on 17-18 October, we will be asking these questions of over 40 high profile operator speakers from across the world, who are joining us to tackle the Smart Home debate and many other issues at the heart of the Digital Home industry such as network infrastructure choices, content and apps and developments in consumer electronics.

High profile speakers include:

David Mowrey, Director of Connected Devices, Yahoo!
Hugh Bradlow, CTO, Telstra, Australia
Pedro Planas Nascimbene, CTO, Telefonica Peru
Rashed Majed Al Abbar, Vice President of Home Services, Etisalat, UAE
Ian Chin, COO of BesTV, China
Balan Nair, CTO of Liberty Global
Tim Hadley, Director,, UK
Stacey Seltzer, Head of Smart TV, LG Electronics
Hanni Doch, Senior Director, Devices and Converged Products, Rogers Communications, Canada
Marina Kalkanis, Head of Programmes, On Demand Team, BBC, UK
Jan Van Ottele, Founder & CEO, ZappoTV
Benjamin Sarda, Director of Product Marketing, Orange Healthcare, USA

Join us as these speakers share with us their latest plans for a Digital Home future, and their expectations for the evolution of the industry as Smart Home services become more widespread, democratic and affordable for all.

Personally speaking, it’s good to know that the paranoia of ‘Did I leave the light on?’ and ‘I hope I turned the oven off’ might soon be a thing of the past. Whoever said ignorance was bliss?

But putting your smartphone away when you’re out and about may soon be an even greater challenge than before…

Georgina Wilczek, Senior Conference Producer, Broadband World Forum


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